“She lights up the stage with her bubbling wit and sharp derision. The audience is left with no choice but to be charmed”  NYCN Paris

“Gifted with wonderful timing and a lovely line in accents” Australian Stage

“Outstanding razor-sharp slices of observational comedy” Funny Women UK

“Very funny stuff” HongKong ELD

“Jen was fantastic, she closed the show and was a brilliant end to the evening” Comedy Estonia

“Aussie comic Jennifer Carnovale, fresh from a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe, had perfect timing and confident, deadpan delivery” Funny Women UK


2016 Jen Carnovale Wronger Than You – MICF

Review – “Keep an eye out for Carnovale” – The Herald Sun (9 Apr 16)

Review – “Jen is clearly in her element behind a microphone – Pop Culture -y (10 Apr 16)

Review – “genuinely enjoyable show” – The Plus Ones (13 Apr 16)

Review – “Impressive” 4 Stars – Funny Tonne (14 Apr 16)

2015 Jen Carnovale Give Us A Smile – MICF & Sydney Comedy Festival

Review: “Gifted with wonderful timing and a lovely line in accents” – Australian Stage (29 Mar 15)

Article: Melbourne International Comedy Festival: New Faces To Watch – The Herald Sun (3 Apr 15)

Article: Sydney Comedy Festivals: Comedians lean on their tribe to get over post -show ‘adrenaline dump’ -The Sydney Morning Herald (20 Apr 15)

2014 Jen Carnovale Didn’t Mean to Say What She’s About to Say – Sydney Comedy Festival

Article: Jen Ready to Fly Solo, A Well-Travelled Laugh Fest – The Canterbury Bankstown Express (15 Apr 14)

Article: Festival Celebrates a Decade of Laughs – The Valley Times (26 Mar 14)

2013 Jen Carnovale, Not a Person Person – Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Hong Kong International Comedy Festival & Comedy Estonia

Review: “Jen was fantastic… a brilliant end to the evening”- Comedy Estonia (8 Oct 13)

Review: “Very funny stuff”- HongKong ELD (15 Sept 13)

Review: “Jen Carnovale is a likeable, talented comedian”- Three Weeks (22 Aug13)

2012 Jennifer Carnovale in Scraping the Barrel – Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Article: 5 Good Reasons Squirrel Comedy (24 July 12)

Interview: New Acts on Comedy Blogedy Comedy Blogedy (6 June 12)


Reviews & Interviews for ‘The Cloud Girls’ an award winning comedy duo Jennifer performed in from 2007 – 2011.

2011 ‘Comic Stars Of Tomorrow: Top Ten Next Big Things in Comedy’

Article: “A roller-coaster of absurdist characters” –  Sydney Morning Herald/ The Age (8 April 11)

2011 Cloud Girls Smudge – Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival & Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Review: “this trio of young comics from Sydney have a shambolic charm” – The Scotsman (Aug 11)

Review: “absolute hilarity…genre busting and highly entertaining” –  The Pun (8 April 11)

Review: “the most surreal show I’ve seen”-  Comedy Beast Magazine (5 April 11)

2010 Cloud Girls In World – Sydney Comedy Festival

Awarded: Best NewcomerTimeOut Comedy Awards (12 May 10)

Review: “surreal genius” – TimeOut- 4 Stars (9 March 10)

Interview: TimeOut (9 March 10)

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